Vocational German language class (DeuFöV) with BAMF support  If you finished the integration course successfully or you already have level B1 in German language, you  have the opportunity to take part in a vocational German class Basismodul B1-B2 (DeuFöV) in our school.   These classes are for all people who want to improve their German language knowledges regarding the  working perspectives in Germany.  Course prerequisite and Costs If you are searching for a job or you are unemployed and registered at the Jobcenter, you will receive a  permission for a vocational German class for level B1-B2 from your advisor at the Jobcenter. With that  permission the participation is free.   If you already work you can get a permission from BAMF. In this case you have to pay 207 € per modul on  your own.  Content In these classes you will improve your knowledge in the areas of listening comprehension, reading  comprehension as well as writing and speaking based on the European reference framework. Besides  grammar you will learn the vocabulary which you need for your job. We put the main emphasis on  communication which you need at work.  Linguistic precondition: level B1  Unfortunately we cannot offer these classes for people without permission from Jobcenter or BAMF.  Registration For your registration we need the following documents:  -permission from BAMF / Jobcenter  -passport  -certificate B1 or DTZ with result B1  If you do not have a certificate or if your certificate is older than 6 months, we would ask you to do a free level  test in our school. Additional information can be found here (BAMF.de)