Beginner Level A1-B1 (Integration Courses) Welcome to Germany! Would you like to live and work in Germany for a longer period of time? You know that the German language is the key to successful integration. Would you like to learn German in a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere and successfully pass the DTZ (Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer - German Test for Immigrants) / B1 language level? Then you are at the right place by coming to us at the Sprachakademie Karlsruhe! We will lead you through an expense-free placement test in order to find out which language level fits best for you. We will find a German course that suits your personal schedule (courses in the morning, afternoon and evening). You will find an engaging and qualified teaching team at the Sprachakademie Karlsruhe that will confidently and effectively bring you to the C1 language level. The integration courses at our language school have a standard curriculum. It consists of 6 modules (600 class hours) and an orientation course covering history, politics and the culture of Germany (100 class hours). The courses are available in the morning (intensive courses), afternoon and evening. A full description of the integration courses can be found on the website of the Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge (Federal Office of Migration and Refugees). Link  Beginner Level A1 Elementary Language Use You can confidently understand and use everyday expressions and simple sentences. A1.1 / Module 1 (100 Class Hours) Learning Content    - Introducing yourself and others / Providing personal information - Naming and describing objects - Purchasing groceries / Ordering and paying in a restaurant - Asking for information / Making an appointment - Writing a postcard Grammar - Sentence structure, personal and possessive pronouns - Verbs in present tense, use of modal verbs - Dative / Accusative - Prepositions A1.2 / Module 2 (100 Class Hours) Learning Content - Describing illnesses / Giving advice - Explaining events / Assigning work tasks - Getting around in the city - Shopping and giving gifts Grammar   - Perfect, imperative - Two-way prepositions - Degrees of adjectives (comparative, superlative) - Genitive Sprachniveau Grundstufe A2 Elementary Language Use+  A2.1 / Modul 3 (100 UE) Learning Content - Appearance and personality - School, training, career - Conversation and television - Industry, employment, economy - Family and personal relationships Grammar - Declension of adjectives - Modal verbs in past tense - Reflexive verbs with additional prepositions - Past subjunctive - Degrees and comparison - Passive - Infinitive sentences with the particle "zu" - Subordinate clauses with "dass" A2.2 / Module 4 (100 Class Hours) Learning Content - Nature and the environment - Germans in foreign countries and foreigners in Germany - News, politics and history - Reading books Grammar   - Relative clauses - Indirect interrogative sentences - Infinitive sentences with "um zu" / Subordinate clauses with "damit" - Phrases with prepositions - Reflexive verbs / Reciprocal pronouns Beginner Level B1 Independent Language Use   You can understand the main points when clear, standard language is used,   and when it involves familiar topics about job, school, free time, etc. B1.1 / Module 5 (100 Class Hours) Learning Content - Describing behaviors - Naming measurements - Advice / Assess / Convince - Taking about habits / making appointments - Summarizing information - Gathering and providing information Grammar - Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns - Past subjunctive / Passive with modal verbs - Past subjunctive in the past / Prepositions for expressions of time B1.2 / Module 6 (100 Class Hours) Learning Content - Shopping habits / Shopping for clothing - Defining concepts - Talking on an answering machine - Agreeing and contradicting Grammar - Past perfect - Subjunctives "als" and "wenn", "bevor" and "nachdem" - "werden" in passive and future - Future