TestDaF Examination Preparation Courses Language Requirements good intermediate knowledge, minimum B2 level Course Features 100 Class hours (20 class days with 5 class hours) Cost 550 € Course Content and Goals In this course, strategies will be developed and made transparent. In this way, students can successfully and confidently complete the TestDaF examination (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache - Test of German as a Foreign Language). The specific requirements of the four Subtests (Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Examination, and Oral Expression) will be systematically prepared and practiced through model exams. The focus of this preparation course lies in imparting the foundation of academic vocabulary and preparing for the level of the TestDaF examination, as well as university studies. For the oral expression section, students will be made comfortable in the situation where communication is without a conversation partner. The examinee is given the task of responding to an acoustic speech impulse and answering into a recorder. Through our training, the examination candidate can adjust and become comfortable with the time constraints of the exam. In our preparation courses, we use training material that is recommend by the TestDaF Institute and complies with the language level of the TestDaF examination. Studying in Germany In order to study at a German university, foreign applicants must be able to verify adequate knowledge of the German language. The required certification can vary depending on the university and major. The applicants should make themselves aware of which requirements are needed for their university of choice. In contrast to DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber - German Language University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students), TestDaF can be taken worldwide at different testing centers. Furthermore, TestDaF has a differentiated grading system of four components (Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Examination and Oral Expression) dealing with three language levels TDN3, TDN4 and TDN5. This conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for the B2.1 and C1.2 levels. The TestDaF certification is recognized by all German universities. The language level requirements differ from university to university and must be asked about beforehand. If the required language level of the exam is not completed, one must generally first improve their language skills or can begin their studies with proper support (from an accompanying language course). Those who complete the TestDaF exam usually have taken 700 to 1000 German course hours. The test can be retaken. At the Sprachakademie Karlsruhe, students reach the level required of the TestDaF within 200 hours of the C1 course. Following the C1 course, students will cover the exam requirements in a special two week course, helping them to feel comfortable with the TestDaF exam and have a positive result.